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Please Read First - System Requirements

Posted: Wed Jan 20, 2021 3:41 pm
by ForumAdmin
TLDR; Most Windows 10 machines manufactured 2013 or later will be able to run the game without issue.

Minimum System Requirements: Windows

Operating System
- Windows 10 (x64 version)

- 64-bit, Dual-core, quad-thread 1.5GHz or better
- The processor must support hardware encryption and decryption through AES. Most processors manufactured 2013 or later include this feature. To see if your processor includes support for hardware encryption, visit, locate your processor make and model, and check that it supports the AES or AES-NI instruction sets.

- Integrated or discrete solution with support for Direct X 11, with 512MB VRAM or greater.

Disk Space
- Approximately 2GB of disk space is required.

- 2GB or better.