Version 0.9.1

Patch notes for the Magus: The Awakening Unity client.
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Version 0.9.1

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Version 9.1 2021-11-19

Gameplay Improvements
- Added a Windows 7 client.
- Updated Sanctum graphical fidelity.
- Icons for unset spell slots are no longer displayed in the HUD.
- Added Crouch and Airborne animations.
- Added minimum and maximum character level to the match creation window. By default, this is set to 1 to 30.
- Improved the hit reporter to more quickly report when you have hit an opposing player.

Bug Fixes
- Fixed Resurrection spell.
- Casters can now hear when they cast the Protection spell.
- Taking wall damage will now display a hit notification.
- Fixed terrain rendering & occlusion issues in Cathedral of Light.

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